ZENsystem SLIP PLUS [0 806891874610 PLUS]  49.50EUR 



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Compatible with all pedals/cleats, including Speedplay
(Speedplay provides an adaptor)

- Patented, innovative and exclusive wedge-shaped design
- It allows an 8º increase in the front inclination of the pedal support surface compared to all cleats currently on the market

- It allows an improvement of the thrust vector in the area of the lower dead sector resulting in an increase in the pedalling rate by 5 to 7 rpm, especially uphill

- It allows the use of longer pedal cranks, compared to those normally used, and ensures a further power increase by optimising the cadence (see ZENsystem CRANKS)

- 3 adjustment windows for fixation and adjustment

- Material: Polyacetal Fluoropolymer

- Screw material: Steel

- Weight: 45 g

- Contents : no. 2 SLIPs with integrated nuts and metal safety plate, and no. 24 screws to virtually fit all cleats and road cycling shoes.


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