about us
Established in 2013, Skopre S.r.l. specializes in scouting, developing and bringing to the market innovative breakthrough bio-mechanically correct technologies and products to enhance cyclists’ comfort and overall performance; this thanks to the over 30 years of expertise in the cycling arena brought about by its founders, Zeno Zani and Stefano Doldi, both passionate cyclists and outdoorsmen.

Skopre has developed some of its products based on Sports medical doctor Zeno Zani's studies, a pioneer in bike fitting and biomechanics who visited hundreds of bicycle shops on-site in Italy to position their customers as well as many world class cyclists on their bikes, including Pantani, Cipollini and Gotti. Zani also wrote “Pedalare Bene” and “Le Tecnopatie nel Ciclismo” (published by Ediciclo).

Among such products is the ZENsystem Cadence/Power Booster (special cranks/pedals/cleats) based on brakethrough concepts that maximise pedaling power output with less fatigue (see www.velonews.com ).

Stefano Doldi, who in its pre-Skopre times scouted and shown the path to the development of global sales & marketing strategies and brand building for innovative products such as CamelBak Hydration Systems, Buff Multi Functional Headwear, Rotor Bicycle Components and GoPro Videocam, continues with Skopre to bring more innovative products to the market to set new standards in each specific category, aimed to set new standards.