Ergonomic inner bar grips, based on physiological studies

They naturally align the joints of riders’ forearms,

increase comfort,

significantly improve comfort and reduce or eliminate joint and muscle pain due to a wrong position,

increase control and safety while riding

maintain easy access to shift and brake levers

versions for MTB and ROAD handlebars are available

the MTB version is
approved by UCI

easy to install with no need to remove or replace the original handlebar grips:
they only need a space of 17mm

 SPIRGRIPS - MTB - color black matt   SPIRGRIPS - MTB - color black matt   49.90EUR  Buy Now 
 SPIRGRIPS - MTB - color glossy white   SPIRGRIPS - MTB - color glossy white   49.90EUR  Buy Now 
 SPIRGRIPS - ROAD - color glossy black   SPIRGRIPS - ROAD - color glossy black   59.90EUR  Buy Now 
 SPIRGRIPS - ROAD - color glossy white   SPIRGRIPS - ROAD - color glossy white   49.90EUR  Buy Now 
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