THE UNSADDLE - Testimonials - Doctor Bramante Carmelo

Bramante Carmelo – Sports CV:

- European Champion, cycling, Doctors and Vets, time trial
- Italian Champion, time trial and trial on the road

Italian Champion, cycling, Doctors and Vets, trial on the road

- European and Italian Champion, cycling, Doctors and Vets, time trial and trial on the road
- Ranked in the World Cycling Health Championship

- Ranked 3rd overall, Italian Championship, Cat. Master IV, Cycling Italian Federation, time trial in pairs

"In 2003 I bought THE UNSADDLE. At that period I was no longer able to train for more tha 40-50 km a day without pain."

THE UNSADDLE made me feel again the pleasure of sitting on the bike for lots of hours with no pain/complaints at the perineum.

Of course, as all new things, an initial adaptation period was necessary. After that, everything became easy and spontaneous again; I was able to train, and take part to competitions, successfully, again.

As to performance, the rotation right/left of the THE UNSADDLE allows to use the pelvis while pushing during pedalling (allow me to use the example of arm wrestling using or not using the shoulder), and allows the alignment of the trajectory femur-knee-foot, and consequently the improvement of performance especially with low gears, and uphill.

To conclude I can say that THE UNSADDLE can be recommended to all those cyclists looking for a better performance of their pedaling and for better risults in their challenges, though eliminating risks to possible damages to their genitalia and prostates."